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My Story: Cancer, Nutrition, and the Mind-Body Link

Patricia Daly

For decades, the ketogenic diet—which shifts the body’s metabolism from burning glucose to burning fat, lowering blood sugar and insulin and resulting in a metabolic state known as ketosis—has been used to successfully manage pediatric epilepsy. And now, emerging research suggests that a ketogenic diet, in conjunction with conventional treatments, offers new hope for those…

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The Medical Literature: A Guide to Flawed Studies

Old, weathered newspaper with the text Propaganda Mill on top

We’ve all seen multiple iterations of food pyramids highlighting key food groups; read hundreds of articles about the next big thing to avoid if we want to follow a healthy diet; tried to practice better eating habits and yet, we’re still feeling lost. All of the information is conflicting. It changes all the time. And…

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Modern Disease and the Rise of the Allopathic Model

Bioregulatory Medicine

Chronic and degenerative illnesses are largely new to mankind. In fact, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis have been termed modern or man-made diseases because they were relatively rare until three hundred years or so ago. But if these diseases are relatively new, why are so many people plagued with chronic illness?…

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What is Bioregulatory Medicine?

yoga at sunset

Finding out you have a chronic or degenerative illness can be overwhelming and mind-numbing on its own. Add to that already spinning emotional rollercoaster the possible treatment options, and you may find yourself unable to move forward. For those who are looking for alternative methods to traditional treatment plans, Bioregulatory Medicine could provide a solution.…

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Herbal Formulas for Heart Health

seed oil

Whether you use them as a precautionary measure or for their restorative properties, there’s no dying the power of herbs when it comes to caring for your heart. You may already know that garlic reduces arrhythmias but are you aware that black currants can improve lipid ratios? As always, when working with herbal formulas you…

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Setting the Mitochondrial Thermostat


In his new book, naturopathic doctor Lee Know takes a deep dive into how our mitochondria work and
 the implications this system has on a number of age-related conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. The following excerpt is from Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine by Lee Know, ND. It has been adapted for the…

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Mastering the Actions of Herbs

herb mortar and pestle

The first step to use medicinal herbs successfully is to understand the actions of each herb and how they work to treat an individual patient’s symptoms. Remember: It’s not a question of what herbs will treat a specific ailment but rather a question of how the actions of each herb will perform to treat the…

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A Quick Guide for Deciphering Coughs

cough medicine

Everyone gets a cough now and then, and we all have our ways to cope. Maybe you’ve been taking your mom’s homemade remedy for years or you’re quick to head to the pharmacy for some over-the-counter medicine. Unfortunately, the reality is, no matter what you choose it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. The most important thing…

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Power to the Patients

taking blood pressure

In her book Sustainable Medicine, Dr. Sarah Myhill aims to empower people to heal themselves by addressing the underlying causes of their illness. She presents a logical progression from identifying symptoms to understanding the underlying mechanisms, to relevant interventions and tests and tools to tackle the root causes, and she empowers her patients to take…

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What is Autoimmunity?


Autoimmunity, the body’s immune system fighting off its own healthy cells and tissue, is concerning to the say the least. Add to that the 80 plus autoimmune diseases that can occur as a result and we’ve reached high alert. So what’s causing these diseases and is there anything we can do to prevent them? The…

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Asking the Right Questions: The Art of Herbal Formulation

herbs and tools

The presentations of illnesses can vary greatly across patients, requiring specific alterations to formulas. As Hippocrates said, “It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what kind of disease a person has.” (But if the person has burns, bites, stings, or wounds, check these remedies out!) Learning how to…

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This Emperor has no clothes: 21st-Century Medical Practice

sustainable medicine

High blood pressure, headaches, depression…. why?! Some doctors might say, “Because you’re not taking enough drugs.” But Dr. Sarah Myhill disputes this approach, saying, “Masking the symptoms does not explain them.” In her book, Sustainable Medicine, Dr. Myhill lifts the veil on modern Western medical practices, arguing that more “detective work” must be done to really understand…

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Herbal Remedies for Burns, Bites, Stings, and Wounds

drawings of plants

Want to know how to treat burns, bites, stings, wounds, or trauma with herbs? Look no further. Naturopathic doctor Jill Stansbury has derived formulas for natural remedies that can be used to treat a variety of common ailments. There are a number of herbs and herbal treatments that can help reduce the discomfort and aid skin…

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