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CARBON CASCADES: How to Restore Earth’s Natural Balance

Smoke stacks during sunset

In order to rescue ourselves from climate catastrophe, we need to radically alter how humans live on Earth. We have to go from spending carbon to banking it. A secret unlocked by the ancients of the Amazon for its ability to transform impoverished tropical soils into terra preta—fertile black earths—points the way. The indigenous custom of…

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Focusing on Soil Remediation with Fungi

soil in hands

Nature does what needs to be done if we let her. Many people will step up to the task once provided with accurate facts and inspired by possibility. It really comes down to two simple concepts to take forward. One: Promote healthy plant metabolism as the guiding paradigm in growing anything. And two: Think and…

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Organic No-Till: Farming like the Earth Matters


If we could do one thing for the planet it would be to ditch the plough. When we turn over soil, the air and sun wreak havoc on the microbes, which is why we need chemicals to bring the fertility back. No-till creates thin furrows in the soil and drops seeds in. It’s difficult to…

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12 Books for Essential Earth Day Reading


As we celebrate Earth Day, you might be feeling inspired to do some reading about our great planet. We complied 12 books to get you going from farmland to global warming to economics. The best way to initiate change is to learn as much about the issues as possible and start conversations about what’s going…

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Gore: The Time Is Now for "Decisive Action" on Global Warming

It seems awfully childish for the US not to have ratified the Kyoto Protocol simply because it provided exemptions to other polluters, like India and China. If India and China jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, do we follow? Bush II, Clinton, and the ’97 Senate said “yes.” Have things changed? Will we now have a…

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LISTEN: Bill McKibben Talks Climate Science on The Reality Report

At exactly what point will the CO2 content in our atmosphere reach crisis levels? Well, a report released October, 2007, by Carbon Equity put the magic number at less than 350 parts per million, while other scientists estimate the figure is actually closer to 300 ppm. Right now, Earth’s atmospheric carbon content is about 385…

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China Mass-Produces First Commercially Available Plug-In Hybrid

Oh, crap. That’s probably what you’re thinking right now if you’re a GM executive. They’ve only been manufacturing cars since 2003, but the Chinese firm Build Your Dreams (BYD) just became the first company in the world to cross a very significant line in the sand—mass-producing the first plug-in hybrid in the world. (And yes,…

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WATCH: Cartoon Superhero Explains Cap-and-Dividend

From Smilin’ Joe Fission, the little guy who made nuclear power fun on The Simpsons, to Mr. DNA, the animated nucleic acid chain who broke down dinosaur cloning in Jurassic Park, the cartoon mascot has a long and proud tradition of elucidating and jazzing up complicated concepts so that even a child can understand them.…

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The Big Melt: 2 Trillion Tons of Ice Since 2003

If ever there was a time to talk seriously about enacting a Carbon Cap-and-Dividend system like the one championed by Peter Barnes—that time is now, before we enter a self-perpetuating cycle of out-of-control global warming caused by methane gas released from melting permafrost leading to higher temperatures leading to more methane gas released from permafrost…

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Bill McKibben: Obama's Climate Challenge

Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben (Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future) wants us to take a couple of steps back, open our eyes, and look at the big picture. When Americans elected Barack Obama to be our next President, the occasion was in no small part a repudiation of the disastrous…

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Rediscovering Up-North Traditional Foods with Gary Nabhan

When author Gary Nabhan (Renewing America’s Food Traditions: Saving and Savoring the Continent’s Most Endangered Foods) led a group of locals—including Paula McIntyre, co-founder of Up North Foodies, and Eric Patterson, chef and co-owner of The Cooks’ House restaurant in Traverse City—around northern Michigan earlier this month, they weren’t entirely confident about what they could…

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Washington Post Endorses "Cap and Return"

The editorial page of the Washington Post Sunday endorsed a policy Peter Barnes has been advocating for a long time now—most notably in his books Who Owns the Sky? and Climate Solutions: A Citizen’s Guide. It’s something the Post calls “Cap and Return” and Peter calls “Cap and Dividend.” Essentially, to reduce the amount of…

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In Gainesville, Solar Electric Industry Becomes Competetive

Here’s a couple of good rules of thumb if you’re considering investing in solar power: 1. Before you rush out and attach photovoltaic panels to your Southern-sloping roof, install a solar hot water heater and/or a solar air heater for your home. Converting solar energy into heat is currently the most efficient way to use…

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