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WATCH: Grow a Living Treehouse

Courtesy of our friends at, I present for your consideration the living treehouse. Flexible plants, such as ficus, are grown around a lattice structure and molded into powerful, natural (even edible) shapes, like arches, creating a framework around which mossy green walls are grown. Gone are the energy-intensive chainsaws, sawmills, and trucks. Gone are…

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New Matthew Stein Podcast on Chelsea Green Radio

Matthew Stein, author of When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency, talked to the fine folks at Taverncast (“The World’s 215th Greatest Podcast…with Beer!”) on Sunday. Stein tackled a variety of topics: the fragility of our food distribution networks, the reality of Peak Oil, what to do in the…

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Solar, Wind, Plaster, and Straw: Building with Soul and Sustainability

Julie Lineberger and Joseph Cincotta of LineSync Architecture designed their home with straw-bale, plaster, and a little bit of Yankee ingenuity. Taking advantage of passive solar design principles, and meeting their electricity needs with solar power, wind, and propane tanks for backup, they were able to take their southern Vermont house off the grid. In…

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