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August 2010

David Gumpert: USDA wants us to ‘know your farmer,’ FDA wants us to stay home

Customers of Country Hen, a central Massachusetts organic egg producer, found an upsetting announcement in their egg cartons recently: The farm tours that had been a tradition of the farm since it opened 22 years ago were being discontinued. The reason? A new federal law that went into effect last month called the “Egg Safety […]

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Yes! Magazine Interviews Riki Ott

When the Exxon Valdez oil tanker struck a reef in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, Riki Ott was living nearby in the small town of Cordova, working as a commercial salmon “fisherma’am”—one who also had her PhD in marine toxicology with a specialization in oil pollution. She had a unique front row seat to the destruction […]

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Naomi Wolf: Banks Siding Against the Customer in Fraud Cases

Like most consumers, I had always assumed that banks and customers are united in wanting to curtail bank fraud. Unfortunately, I have learned that in fact bank fraud is a big and profitable business — for the banks themselves; and that changes in electronic banking, combined with the power of lobbyists to sustain the status […]

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Riki Ott: Hide and Leak – Earth Island Journal

On July 15, BP managed to finally seal its broken Macondo wellhead and stop the oil that had been hemorrhaging into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days. The very next week, as I was driving up the Florida coast, locals kept pointing out to me where cleanup workers were packing up and pulling out. […]

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Robert Kuttner: Zillions for Wall Street, Zippo for Barack’s Old Neighborhood

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” — W.B. Yeats On Friday, the government moved to seize and temporarily shutter one of the truly heroic banking institutions of this dismal era for American finance — ShoreBank of Chicago. More precisely, ShoreBank of Barack Obama’s old neighborhood. Over the years, […]

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Radical homemakers reclaim the simple life

An inspirational, grassroots movement is afoot in the Bay Area (yes, another one), and it’s going to make the world a better place. No, really. Granted, this region has sprouted its fair share of grassroots movements; however, this particular crusade – dubbed radical homemaking by New York writer and pioneering radical homemaker Shannon Hayes – […]

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Now Available: The Progressive’s Guide to Raising Hell

Who Says Progressives Don’t Like to Fight? The Progressive’s Guide to Raising Hell will take you into the “no holds barred” world of activism and campaigning. Your guide is master tactician, consumer advocate and political street fighter Jamie Court. In his guide to raising hell, he’ll show you a simple method for winning any political […]

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Bob Cavnar: BP’s Close Relationship with the Government Caused Poor Risk Management

Yesterday, Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post published what I consider one of the most revealing stories of the entire BP odyssey since their Mississippi Canyon Block 252 well blew out on April 20th.   My regular readers know that I have been critical of both BP and the government in their management of this […]

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UPDATE: Diane Wilson is Banned from US Capitol…But at Least She’s Not Going to Prison!

Diane Wilson, activist and shrimper, was arrested for a peaceful protest during a Senate hearing about BP’s oil disaster. She stood up in the middle of the hearing, poured fake oil on herself, and loudly demanded that CEO Tony Hayward be brought to justice for causing the largest environmental catastrophe in US history. It was […]

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WATCH: Interview with Joan Gussow, by Shelley Rogers

“Once in a while, when I have an original thought, I look around and realize Joan said it first” –Michael Pollan Joan Gussow has influenced thousands through her books, This Organic Life and The Feeding Web, her lectures, and the simple fact that she lives what she preaches. This is an edited version of a […]

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