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March 2008

Obama’s “race in America” speech

In as nonpartisan a way as I possibly can say it: this speech Barack Obama gave yesterday is pretty darn amazing. I can’t help but think that he actually cares about truth and reality, and has the ability and desire to say what he understands about truth and reality to the public. Now if only […]

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Recycle your e-junk

This is cool news: you can now send most any electronics related junk to a recycling center through the mail, postage free. BusinessWeek’s Green Biz has the low-down. I suppose this is a tidbit we’ll have to add to future editions of our little green guide, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household  Guide.

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Viewing towers vs. viewing rubble

While looking up secondary information for today’s random number, I came across this post from the Mountaintop Removal Clearinghouse. Clean energy advocates of wind power are meeting stiff resistance in Vermont from those, including environmentalists, who don’t want their rural mountain views obscured by wind turbines. I understand this, but it sure comes at the […]

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Carbon labeling on my mind

BusinessWeek’s GreenBiz blog tipped me off to a recent BW article on carbon labeling. Carbon labeling means to label consumer products with an indicator of how much greenhouse gas was emitted in the production and distribution of each product to the point of having it on the shelf in front of the customer. The idea […]

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Thoughts inspired by the release of our other co-latest Green Guide: Greening Your Office

Inspired by our new Green Guide, Greening Your Office, I’ve conducted a little experiment with the power consumption of our office water cooler. We’ve got two of them, one in our main office and one in the set of satellite offices down the hallway. Last year for my birthday, when my parents asked me what […]

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Thoughts inspired by the release of our (co-)latest Green Guide: Biking to Work

I was interested in biking to work before we started production of this new Green Guide to carbon-free commuting, but the fact that we’re doing the book has gotten me thinking about bike-commuting issues during my now-daily rides. (Starting in September, I’ve been biking or taking the bus to work pretty much every day. My […]

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God bless democracy!

All those people who said they wanted to move to Canada when Bush won in 2004, and those who say they’ll want to do that if McCain wins in 2008–why not try The People’s Republic of Vermont? From firsthand experience I can tell you it’s a marvelous place to live, starting with the fact that […]

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