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February 2008

Big time biking

The Guardian reports that the British government is moving aggressively to promote bicycling. The government today launched a £47m [US $92m] quest to establish a British “cycling city” that would get more people on to two wheels, and cut congestion and pollution. The winning metropolis will join London, which has already announced a £400m [US […]

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US Gov on natural resources: corporate secrets more important than informed citizenry

I saw this morning on BusinessWeek‘s GreenBiz blog that the first Tesla “bat out of hell” electric roadster has rolled off the production line. That got me thinking about what it would take to convert the entire US auto fleet to all electric, and what that would mean in terms of natural resource supplies: In […]

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Stern und Drang: two different ways of using economics to deal with climate change

For some very good reasons, many people are wary of “economic” arguments as part of debating what should be done in the face of global warming. George Monbiot takes the wary approach in his latest column in The Guardian. This is a column about how good intentions can run amok. It tells the story of […]

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Popular vote update Feb 20

The previous: Feb 13, Feb 11, Feb 6. [UPDATE: March 5] The latest, including a new table for additional analysis (and gloating on the part of Democrats): Democratic primary popular vote totals (as of Feb 20) Republican primary popular vote totals (as of Feb 20) Both party leading candidates primary popular vote totals (as of […]

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Teens aim to green the beauty industry

With constantly alarming news about the toxins contained in lipstick, and other beauty products, one group of teens continues to set its sights on banning such ingredients from personal care products. The annual Teens for Safe Cosmetics conference was held recently, and according to an article in The San Francisco Chronicle, the group ended its […]

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A $1.5 trillion voter for climate solutions

Our friends at The Guardian report that Some of the largest institutional investors in the world yesterday called on the US Congress to introduce a mandatory national policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% below 1990 levels by 2050. It is the latest move that underlines the way business leaders have dramatically […]

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Director of National Intelligence incomprehensible illogic on NPR

Mitch McConnell was interviewed on NPR’s “Morning Edition” this morning, talking about why it is so important to the Bush administration that Congress pass an electronic surveillance bill that includes retroactive immunity for the telecommunications companies that seem clearly to have broken the law by aiding and abetting clearly illegal wiretapping of Americans by US […]

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Dems hold Bush aides in contempt!

Just when we thought the Dems would cave like they are on immunity for telecoms who share our private data with the government, the House goes and votes—overwhelmingly—to hold two top aides to Pres. George W. Bush in contempt of Congress. The New York Times reports, “It is the first time in 25 years that […]

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Senate Dems cave, sell out Constitution; petition House Dems to do better

Firedoglake has an important petition drive going. Happily, for what it’s worth (not much), Chelsea Green’s Senate contingent (Leahy and Sanders) held together more spine than too many of their pathetic brethren and sistren. Fingers are crossed for the House. Tell House Members to Stand Firm Behind the RESTORE Act! The FISA bill passed by […]

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Contempt isn’t just an eight-letter word

For all of you out there holding your breath, waiting for the Democratically-led Congress to hold the Bush administration accountable for something, this week just might be the week you get to exhale. Still, why do I have the nagging feeling this will be another exercise in gulping down more air and turning ever bluer […]

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