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August 2006

Spam is weird

We regularly get spam comments on the postings. Usually for porn or pharmaceuticals or gambling. The latest is just plain weird: medical air transport. How big could the audience possibly be for airplane ambulances? Are people gonna be like “Hmm, I never thought of that before–maybe I should fly to the Mayo Clinic for my […]

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Diane in Jordan

Latest word from the in-house anti-war activist extraordinaire. Like the title of Alice Walker’s book, you can’t keep a good woman down. hey folks, well here i am in Jordon, fixing to leave this morning early for syria then we’re seeing how far we can get into lebanon. we went to a farmhouse last night […]

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Crashing AFSCME’s structure

The union plans to devolve. You heard it here first.

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Biodieseling around the globe

Last month the word biodiesel made it into the Merriam Webster dictionary and today we learn from Autoblog Green that biodiesel is powering the Earthrace in its quest to be the fastest boat to circumnavigate the globe. The sky’s the limit. Earthrace, a 78-foot boat, looks like a seagoing version of the Batmobile, and is […]

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It all depends on how you look at it

One man’s “huge” is another man’s “small.” You can hardly blame the White House for this apparent error. Relative to the size of Bush’s cojones, the New York Times probably does look like a mom-n-pop operation.

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Amazing news from Diane

August 2 , 2006 Dear Mya, I never thought when I embarked on my water-only hunger strike to “bring the troops home fast” that on day 30 I’d be leaving on a journey to the Middle East to meet with Iraqi members of Parliament. As a shrimper from a small fishing town in Texas, I […]

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Passion of the Mel

It seems amazing that a regular ole deputy was able to subdue the Lethal Weapon. And too bad he didn’t have a spare sock to stuff his mouth with.

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