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August 2006

Corruption and Ineptitude, Down on the Farm

For Immediate Release August 22, 2006 Mad Sheep The True Story Behind the USDA’s War on a Family Farm by Linda Faillace Contact: Jessica Saturley, (802)295-6300, ext. 106 “Mad Sheep will enrage you.” —John Stauber, co-author, Mad Cow U.S.A. In March 2001, after months of harassment and surveillance—including USDA agents spying on the family farm […]

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USDA: Convicted, again

This is hardly a surprise, but the USDA has again been convicted of endangering the public instead of protecting us. This time is the the bio-pharma industry that got a free pass. The Washington Post reports: Environmental groups yesterday called for a moratorium on open-air tests of crops genetically engineered to produce medicines and vaccines, […]

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The March on Global Warming

This is cool. Are you in Vermont or upper-easter-New York? Maybe I’ll see you there. Invitation from John Elder and Bill McKibben Dear Friends, Consider this an invitation to join us for some part of a Labor Day weekend walk—a fairly long, probably sweaty, and intermittently scenic march in daily stages across the Champlain Valley […]

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Even commies get the blues

Well, I don’t know about the blues, but apparently they like Diane’s book. Hooray for commies with good taste in summer reading! “An Unreasonable Woman” by Diane Wilson (published by Chelsea Green). A true autobiographical story that is as engaging as a good novel. Written by a fourth-generation commercial fisherwoman in Texas who gradually got […]

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Jerome on Lamont and assorted related whatnot

Then You Win by Jerome Armstrong, Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 03:22:15 PM EST I was up in New Hampshire yesterday with college age Sierra Club activists, doing a back and forth debate/discussion with the Sierra Club President, Lisa Renstrom, over the issue of their embracing partisan politics, and advancing the progressive movement ahead of […]

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Article by Greg Pahl in the Rutlant Herald on Wind Power in VT

Greg Pahl, you are one cool dude. I love this. I love CSAs, and the idea of CSEs is just about oo cool for words. Energy choices for communities August 9, 2006 Rejection of a wind project in East Haven and a preliminary negative finding about a 20-turbine wind farm in Sheffield have put the […]

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Sore Loserman

I just can’t help but wonder, if Lieberman wouldn’t fight for the elected office he was actually elected to, why is he now going to fight for the office that he’s been voted out of? Senator Lamont, congratulations on a gangbusters job. I hope you will represent Connecticut, and us all, very well.

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Health Care on a Wing and a Prayer

Here’s my latest missive written for the Center for Popular Economics’ “Econ-Atrocity” series. (By the way, did I mention that I co-wrote a book? Okay, so it wasn’t with Chelsea Green, but that wasn’t really up to me. The book already existed with The New Press, so whatcha gonna do — not that I’m complaining. […]

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Ethanol followup

Here’s that article that I mentioned last week: Local firm to revolutionize motor fuel industry.

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Mileage-a-holics anonymous

My brother in law tipped me off on an article in the Washington Post on “hypermiling” — driving in ways to vastly improve your mpg. I never heard the term, but I’m definitely a mileage nerd like the folks in the article. Increase Your Gas Mileage By Joshua Zumbrun Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, […]

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