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August 2005

bio-fueled coffee

It’s finally here–the world’s first biodiesel-run coffee roaster–right here in our own backyard! We first heard about this project at the beginning of the year, when we were looking to release Greg Pahl’s Biodiesel book. I’ve got to admit, I kind of had doubts about whether the roaster would ever come to be….but Vermont Coffee […]

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Smells like Social Responsibility

Business Ethics honored John Abrams’ South Mountain Company this week with the magazine’s 17th Annual Employee Ownership Award. John, recent author of The Company We Keep, is delighted (as he should be). After hearing that SoMoCo won this year’s award, I checked out the Business Ethics site and learned that our neighbors to the North, […]

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Cindy Sheehan Gives Me Hope

Enduring fire ants and attacks from pro-Bush media and pundits who are fighting as though they have been cornered, Cindy Sheehan presses on for a second week at Bush’s Crawford ranch. She is one of the few who is brave enough to tell the truth and demand the truth from an administration that has repeatedly […]

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Meet Chelsea Green, Part 4: Megabytes, Graphics and Fulfillment

For Boyd Hayes – Dartmouth College grad with an English major, then 20 years working in sleep laboratories at Dartmouth, Stanford and Harvard – it was a long and winding (and unlikely) road to his station as Chelsea Green’s director of information technology. You know – the guy who understands all that stuff about servers […]

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Meet Chelsea Green, Part 3: Hello, Out There

In a sense, publishing and printing 1,000 copies of a book is the easy part. If you can’t convince 1,000 people that the book is worth buying, here’s what you’ve got: Ballast. Boxes of stuff that’s good for keeping a ship from keeling over, perhaps, but not much good at saving the world – or, […]

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A Little Chest Thumping

The Web site Liberal “Progressive” Chrystie – subtitled “Progressive, Conservative & Liberal and all things in between! Formerly, revenge of a liberal!” – has some nice things to say about Chelsea Green, describing our site as “remarkable” and urging its readers to check us out. We always admire that in a Web site. We’re not […]

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Meet Chelsea Green, Part 2: One Word at a Time

Editor-in-chief, managing editor, editor-at-large, contributing editor. Anybody confused yet? “Editing” is a big umbrella, with all kinds of widely diverse stuff under it: poring over manuscripts, trolling for new books and authors, drawing up contracts, setting deadlines, etc. Perched atop the editorial food chain at Chelsea Green is editor-in-chief John Barstow, a survivor of the […]

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My Moral Heroes

This morning I read an article about Bunnatine Greenhouse, Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It was a story about “Bunny’s” refusal to sanction Halliburton’s outrageous overcharging for everything from soda to laundry. She has publicly questioned why Halliburton is awarded over 50 percent of the contracts for rebuilding […]

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Meet Chelsea Green, Part One: The Faces Behind the Pages

As I flack shamelessly for a publisher whose mission coincides with my own values (not everyone in public relations can say that), I often marvel at how little I used to think about the process that delivered a book into my hands. But every inch of the way – as a book transmogrifies from an […]

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Bloggers Role in Progressive Politics

On August 4, the New Politics Institute hosted a discussion with Joe Trippi and Markos Moulitsas about the emerging role of the Internet in progressive politics. A video of the event is available for download at their web site. It will be well worth your while to take a look. You can also read more […]

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