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Patio Trophies: Saunas and Stoves

Backyard masonry ovens have caught on! In an article in last Thursday’s New York Times Home section, Deborah Baldwin asked Bread Builders author Daniel Wing about a growing trend in building patio ovens. “People carry with them a memory of great meals and of great bread they’ve had in their life,” Dr. Wing said, “and […]
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Gonzales, Guantanamo, and Democracy

Last week, Amy Goodman interviewed Guantanamo author Michael Ratner on Democracy Now, asking his opinion on the Gonzales nomination and its implications for human rights. “The road from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib was paved with the memos of Gonzales,” said Ratner. You can read those memos and find more about Alberto Gonzales’ track record on […]
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The Making of a New York Times Bestseller

All publishers aspire to have their books hit bestseller lists, and probably no list more so than the New York Times, the coup de grace of bestseller selections. So how does one achieve a spot on this compendium of all the books fit to list? It turns out the criteria are not as straightforward as […]
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