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June 2012

Fermentation is culture: An Excerpt from The Art of Fermentation

Editor’s note: Finally, Sandor Katz — the nation’s fermentation expert — has written a bible-sized book about his craft. Beyond sauerkraut, bread, and beer, The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World takes readers into the outer realms of the theory and practice behind this edgy, traditional approach to […]

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Give Weeds a Chance! Didi Emmons on Earth Eats Radio

“I consider ‘weed’ to be a politically incorrect term. There’s no biological definition of the term ‘weed’, it’s really a value judgment.” That’s the opinion of Harvard scientist Peter Del Tredici, and chef Didi Emmons couldn’t agree more. In her latest cookbook, Wild Flavors, Emmons shares many recipes using “feisty, flavorful, and nutritious” plants formerly […]

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From Women’s E-news, Madeleine Kunin Reflects on Mom-Career ‘Muddling’

Originally published by Women’s E-News. The first female governor of Vermont reflects on how she wound up running for office with children aged 3, 6, 8 and 10. In this excerpt from her book The New Feminist Agenda she credits, among other things, coming of age in a transitional time. (WOMENSENEWS) — The 1950s portrait […]

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Chapter 1: Worrying About the Future, An Excerpt from 2052

Forty years ago, three researchers teamed up with a computer model and attempted to predict the future. The result was a report to the Club of Rome entitled The Limits to Growth. But that was just the beginning. In the years that followed, the future scenarios the model predicted — the most dire of which […]

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Join our June Giveaway – Win A Book a Day!

This is your lucky month! We’re hosting a fun, month-long giveaway on Facebook, with plenty of chances to win one — or  a set of ten — of our top books on sustainable living! We have a selection of 30 books (one for each day in June) for our daily drawing for the whole month […]

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