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September 2010

Planet Green reviews Gene Logsdon’s Holy Shit

It’s an undeniable fact: the way we’re currently dealing with our waste (both human and animal) is not sustainable in the long term. Consider the following: Each of the U.S.’s estimated 100 million cattle produce an average of 27 pounds of manure per day = 2.7 billion pounds of manure PER DAY = over 985 […]

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Excerpt: The Bread Builders

The following is excerpted from the introduction to The Bread Builders, by Alan Scott and Daniel Wing. Looking for Real Bread, Finding Masonry Ovens I have baked bread for thirty years. Not professionally, but regularly: I made a lot of bread in all those years. Most of the bread I baked was not as good […]

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HARVEST BOOK SALE – Save 25% On Selected Food & Gardening Titles

PRESERVE THE HARVEST – WE HAVE THE BOOKS TO TEACH YOU HOW! It’s unmistakably harvest time! Farmer’s markets, CSA’s, backyard gardens, and farms are bursting with produce. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labors and preserve this delicious bounty to nourish us over the winter months to come. We’ve got a wonderful crop […]

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Jamie Court: Time For Obama To Get Tough On Insurers With Rate Freeze Via Executive Order

Obama’s mad about insurers blaming his health care plan for big rate hikes, but he doesn’t have to take it any more. He can and should issue and executive order to stop the rate hikes immediately. A Blue Cross policyholder emailed me last night about her recent 20 percent rate hike, and now being pushed […]

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Now Available: The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer

Joel Salatin is a rock star in the farming world. If you haven’t read about his family’s Polyface Farm in Michael Pollan’s New York Times bestseller, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, seen Joel featured in the hit documentary films, Food, Inc., and Fresh, or heard one of his entertaining public talks, here’s your latest chance to be […]

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Woody Tasch: Recognizing the Value of Small Ideas

In our search for answers to the great questions of our day, we would be well served to listen less to economists and more to philosophers, poets, ecologists, entrepreneurs, and farmers. To see what might lie beyond the Era of Economics, we must look above the top line and below the bottom line. I mean […]

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Financial Post reviews The Earth’s Best Story

The Earth’s Best Story is a complicated tale of sweat, success, naivety, scheming and villainy, recounted by identical twin brothers who founded the first organic baby food company in the United States, only to have it scooped away from them. The book is fascinating reading: a movie-like entrepreneurial dream realized through stubborn determination and perseverance […]

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Two New DVDs for Gardeners and Food-Lovers

Two of our most popular authors – Eliot Coleman and Sandor Ellix Katz – have filmed their workshops so that you can learn from their expertise and see them in action as well as reading their books. We’re delighted to announce the release of Year-Round Vegetable Production with Eliot Coleman and Fermentation Workshop with Sandor […]

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Bob Cavnar: BP’s Internal Report Doesn’t Hold Up Under Academy Scrutiny

At the request of the Department of Interior, the National Academy of Engineering formed a special committee to study the causes of the blowout of BP’s Mississippi Canyon Block 252 well, dubbed Macondo. The investigation of the blowout started in June, but news was made yesterday as the committee publicly interviewed members of BP’s internal […]

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edible ASPEN interviews Eliot Coleman

edibleASPEN magazine, based in Colorado, interviewed Eliot Coleman (as well as our beloved Joel Salatin) in their Fall 2010 issue. Read Eliot’s interview below and click here to see the full piece online. edibleASPEN: What has been the biggest change in the way people perceive food in the last decade? Eliot Coleman: Back when we […]

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