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July 2010

Tell DARE to Admit Marijuana is Safer

Ah, DARE. I still remember all the anti-drug propaganda from my fifth grade year. I remember thinking they should work on their descriptions of what drugs can do to you, because some of them sounded fun, like, “they make you feel like you’re flying.” Really? Gimme some of THAT! (I was obssessed with birds, what […]

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Learning Within and Beyond the Institution, An Interview with Anya Kamenetz

This originally appeared on The current model of higher education in the U.S. is deeply flawed and unsustainable, says journalist Anya Kamenetz, in her new book DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education. Kamenetz’s critique is both economic and social, encompassing such topics as the cost of tuition and textbooks, […]

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Permaculture & The Flowering of Happiness

Maddy Harland runs Permanent Publications, who publish books like Rosemary Morrow’s Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, which we distribute in the US. She also edits Permaculture Magazine, and blogs at Permaculture Magazine Editorial. This is her most recent post.  In these times of disruption, change and transition, all of us can be excused for sometimes […]

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WATCH: A Quick Tour of Joan Gussow’s Garden

Thanks to the folks over at for sharing this video tour of Joan’s lovely garden. Joan is the author of This Organic Life (available now in our bookstore), and the upcoming book Growing, Older (available for pre-order). She is a major figure in the organic food movement, and has been ever since she pretty […]

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Pot Inhibits Cancer

Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML and co-author of Marijuana is Safer, blogs for his organization. His latest post is on yet another kindness dealt to us by this lovely plant ally: it helps kill cancerous cells! Oh, Cannabis spp., what did we do to deserve thee? — A Couple Of Recent Studies The Mainstream […]

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WATCH: Charlotte Dennett on the Feminist Media Review

Charlotte Dennett is the author of The People v. Bush, One Lawyer’s Campaign to Bring the President to Justice and the National Grassroots Movement She Encounters Along the Way, and a candidate for Vermont Attorney General. She speaks on the Feminist Media Review about her campaign for Attorney General, on the promise of bringing George […]

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Wild Fermentation is “The Fermentation Bible”, According to Newsweek

This originally appeared in Newsweek. The traditional fermented tea kombucha is gaining rapidly in popularity as fans tout its supposed health benefits. But is it really good for you? Growing up in New York City, Sandor Katz couldn’t get enough deli pickles. As a child in Virginia, Jessica Childs skipped the pickles and drank the […]

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WATCH: An Interview With Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert, author of Confronting Collapse and subject of the documentary film Collapse, talks about the “long emergency” now upon us. Confronting Collapse is available in our bookstore, along with Collapse the documentary. They are also available as a set. Twice the fascinating gloom at a bargain price!

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Robert Kuttner on Firedoglake Book Salon

This article originally appeared on Firedoglake as an introduction to the discussion that takes place in comments to the post, which can be followed here. Host Mark Thoma. It’s possible to give two very different interpretations of the Obama presidency so far. The first is a relatively positive interpretation. Proponents of this view argue that […]

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Who Goes to Jail? BP CEO or Shrimper

As usual, the answer is NOT the BP CEO. The answer is the Shrimper-activist Diane Wilson. Diane Wilson, author of An Unreasonable Woman, stood up in a Congressional hearing on June 17 at which BP CEO Tony Hayward was being questioned by the Senate Energy Committee. Wilson says, “I got in and I snuck in […]

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