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July 2010

Bob Cavnar: BP CEO Gets Life Back, American Workers Still Dead

This article was originally published on The Daily Hurricane CBS is now reporting that Tony Hayward, embattled yacht racing CEO of BPplc, will be stepping down in October, moving to take a job at the company’s joint venture in Russia, TNK-BP.  I guess they figure he can’t screw that up much, or else the Ruskies […]

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Yes! Magazine Interviews Diane Wilson

This article was originally published by Yes! Magazine Shrimper Diane Wilson might be going to jail for her high-profile protests against BP. Why is she so sure it’s worth it? by Brooke Jarvis – posted Jul 23, 2010 For decades, Diane Wilson—a fourth-generation shrimper from Seadrift, Texas, a town roughly in the center of Texas’ […]

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Kuttner Gets a 5-Star Review from Retired Foreign Service Officer

This review was originally published by OpEdNews. By Herbert Calhoun Is it a Presidency or a Nation that is in Peril? This is the book I thought I was buying when I bought the “valentine to Obama” by Jonathan Alter called “The “Promise.” Alter’s book, disappointingly, proved to be little more than a gift-wrapped package […]

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Cash, Jobs, and Deficit Reduction – Breaking the Gordian Knot on Climate Legislation

Peter Barnes, author of Climate Solutions, A Citizen’s Guide posted this article to Grist earlier this month. Unfortunately the climate bill was just pronounced dead by Senator Harry Reid. Will John Kerry resuscitate it in the weeks to come? Or will we have to wait for the next Republican president to muster enough votes , […]

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Milk: The Beginning of All Cheesemaking. An Excerpt from American Farmstead Cheese

Our five delicious cheese books are 25% off until the end of July. One of these is American Farmstead Cheese, The Complete Guide to Making and Selling Artisan Cheeses, by Paul Kindstedt. Paul works with the Vermont Cheese Council, as well as the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, which is housed at UVM. His book […]

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Chelsea Green Publishes First Book on Gulf Oil Disaster—Critical Investigation from Industry Insider

White River Junction, VT — Chelsea Green Publishing announced today that it will publish the first book on the Gulf oil disaster by a prominent oil industry insider – and do it in record time. The Vermont-based publisher will publish Disaster on the Horizon: The Deepwater Well Blowout: What Happened and Why by oil industry […]

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An Interview with Stephen and Rebekah Hren on Planet Green

On a recent trip down to Durham, North Carolina, I was lucky enough to stay with Stephen and Rebekah Hren, authors of The Carbon-Free Home. Their beautiful two-story house produces enough energy to fill all of their energy needs and is outfitted with all kinds of ingenious projects straight from their book. In front, a […]

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A Professor Travels a Rocky Road to Find a Sustainable Life

Scott Carlson is a senior reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education, covering architecture, sustainability, and energy. Tinmouth, Vt.—During my recent travels in the Northeast, I stopped at Solarfest, a festival where environmentally oriented people could attend seminars on sustainable farming and alternative energy, hear some famous speakers, buy hippie clothes and confrontational bumper stickers, […]

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Five Tips for Surviving a Raid on Your Raw Milk Buying Club or Farm.

When the 20 agents arrived bearing a search warrant at her Ventura County farmhouse door at 7 a.m. on a Wednesday a couple weeks back, Sharon Palmer didn’t know what to say. This was the third time she was being raided in 18 months, and she had thought she was on her way to resolving […]

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10 Sheep Cheeses, An Excerpt from The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese

Until the end of the month, all of our tempting cheese books are 25% off. One of them is The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese by Jeffrey Roberts. Below is an excerpt from the book, featuring 10 cheesemakers who work with sheep: The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese is available in our bookstore–25% off until […]

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