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June 2009

WATCH: Dean Clashes with Colbert on Real Healthcare Reform

Former Governor of Vermont and former chair of the Democratic National Committee Dr. Howard Dean sparred with a freshly buzz-cut Stephen Colbert on last night’s Colbert Report. The topic under discussion (besides the Governor’s poisonous liberal kidneys)? Real healthcare reform, and Dr. Dean’s new book / roadmap to reform, Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Healthcare […]

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California Dirt-Poor Farmer: I’m Not Fazed by Poverty

Novella Carpenter is from Oakland, CA and is doing what many people dream of (and many other people fear)—she’s an urban farmer with hardly any money, struggling to stay financially afloat. She’s got pigs that eat only leftover food scraps, goats that cost her a bundle at the vet, bees, chickens, rabbits, and enough vegetables […]

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Wendell Berry in Prison if Animal Identification Law Passes

Wendell Berry—longtime small farm activist, cultural critic, poet, essayist, novelist, and iconic social revolutionary—says he will go to prison if the NAIS law passes. NAIS, the National Animal Identification System, is currently in its “listening session” stage among groups of small farmers in the US. And suffice it to say, the law is not going […]

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Taxing Healthcare Will Destroy the Democrats: Greider

If the Democrats try to fund healthcare reform by taxing union workers’ health benefits, as some Blue Dog Democrats would like, they are going to lose the unions—and probably the progressive groups, like MoveOn, as well. That’s according to The Nation’s William Greider, writing for AlterNet. “Centrist” Democrats like MT senator Max Baucus are bending […]

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Howard Dean Fighting for Healthcare Reform on The Colbert Report Tonight

Howard Dean will be talking healthcare reform with our favorite right-wing TV personality, Stephen Colbert, tonight at 11:30 EDT on Comedy Central (and probably 3 more times throughout the day tomorrow, then archived online at He’ll be discussing the public option, the feasibilty of a single-payer system, why Blue Dog Democrats are siding with […]

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Save Money By Saving Rainwater

It’s been a rainy, rainy June on the east coast. Sun has peeked out for maybe an hour here and there, but otherwise it’s been gray, dismal, and all around not summery. It’s a drag, no question about it! But despair no more—there happens to be one exception to this depressingly soggy month. For those […]

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Food, Inc., Takes on Industrial Agriculture: NY Times

The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000. That’s according to Michael Pollan, in the new documentary Food, Inc. What Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle did for the meat-packing industry, Robert Kenner’s new film aims to do for modern industrial agriculture (though rather than aiming for the […]

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In the Fight for Healthcare Reform, Howard Dean All Alone Out There

The Senate and the House appear to be headed for a showdown. On TV, it sometimes feels like the lone advocate for a robust public option—one that would cover everybody and be cheaper and more efficient than private insurance—is former Vermont governor Howard Dean. Where is Kathleen Sebelius? Where are the Obama administration’s talking heads? […]

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LISTEN: Paul Armentano: The Future of U.S. Marijuana Law

While support for marijuana laws continues to build, the momentum of the movement to strike down draconian prohibition laws is by no means unstoppable. Attorney General Eric Holder, for example, continually states his opposition to using federal resources to go after people using or dispensing medical marijuana in accordance with their states’ laws—and all the […]

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The Future of Food: CEO Says Some Organic Companies Use Feedlots…Who Can We Trust?

I’m a small-potatoes beginner farmer and writer living in the middle of nowhere in Vermont, who was personally invited to an advance screening of the film Food, Inc. by the CEO of one of the largest organic companies in the world. So, if I didn’t win a silent auction, and if he isn’t connected to […]

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