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June 2009

This Is Not the Climate Bill You Need to Fear

Cross-posted from the Air America blog. This Is Not the Climate Bill You Need to Fear by Beau Friedlander Whatever happened, it was bad. Cormac McCarthy’s The Road envisioned an apocalypse that didn’t kill civilization so much as render it insane. It was literary hyperbole for the sake of allegory. So is this. Lawmakers in […]

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Mortgage-Free: The “Build It As You Can Afford It” Approach

The following is an excerpt from Mortgage-Free!: Innovative Strategies for Debt-Free Home Ownership by Rob Roy. One of the most popular and successful strategies open to you is to build a small, affordable core—typically in the 500- to 700-square-foot range—and then to build affordable additions as they become truly necessary. Several of our neighbors on […]

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Keep Cool Without AC (Because It’s Making You Broke)

Baby, it’s hot outside. And like every other summer, people all over are getting back into popsicles and running into movie theatres just to cool off. With this hot weather—which by the way can be delicious, if you take advantage of swimming holes, beaches or public pools—comes a renewed addiction to the air conditioner. But […]

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A World Without Oil

Imagine a world where citizens could live within biking distance of one another, in a village built upon complete self-sufficiency, with agriculture modeled on a small and localized scale. A modern village that is neither sustained by, nor relies on the supply and demand of oil. Where food costs are chosen according to their value, […]

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Former Health Exec Testifies: Insurers “confuse their customers and dump the sick”

This will come as a great shock to you, I’m sure, but private for-profit health insurance companies have bilked their customers out of billions of dollars in medical bills the insurance companies themselves should have paid. That’s “billions” with a “b.” While saying they want reform, they’ve been fighting tooth-and-nail to kill a public option, […]

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Roundup—the American Weed-Killer—Is Likely Killing American People, Too

Monsanto, Monsanto, Monsanto. Is it simply a scary coincidence that nearly every time bad news hits, they’re involved? (Hint: No.) This time, new research has intensified the debate that Roundup, the popular weed killer created by Monsanto, also kills human cells. The research posits that the inert ingredients in Roundup, or inactive ones, are not […]

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Change the World: Support a New Kind of Capitalism

The way the U.S. economy works is not very down to earth. Indeed, this country was founded on the backs of slaves, but that doesn’t mean our future must be that of enslavement. The economy has been based on a top-down model that favors fat cats, but this does not mean it will be top-down […]

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Martin Melaver: A Response to the MBA Oath

The following post was written by author Martin Melaver (Living Above the Store: Building a Business That Creates Value, Inspires Change, and Restores Land and Community) in response to an NPR story about two Harvard Business School graduates who, in the wake of the Wall Street meltdown and the ensuing financial collapse, created their own […]

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WATCH: Dr. Howard Dean to Dems: Show Some Spine!

A healthcare bill without a public health insurance option is not real healthcare reform at all, says former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, author of the soon-to-be-released Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform: How We Can Achieve Affordable Medical Care for Every American and Make Our Jobs Safer. A new poll just released by the […]

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WATCH: Learn How to Cut Up a Chicken. From a Salatin.

It’s barbecue season! When all your friends gather round, sip on cool beverages, and shoot the breeze. It is, in other words, the perfect time to showcase skills at the grill. And if you’re choosing to grill meat this summer, instead of a veggie burger, then you might be faced with a bit of a […]

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