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September 2007

End of America ranked in top ten on Amazon!

Someday this may be a Trivial Pursuit question: Who was president when a book documenting how, in many ways, the United States is sliding into a fascist state becoming a bestseller on Amazon? We all know the answer today, as Naomi Wolf’s End of America zoomed to #10 this morning (within striking distance of Alan […]

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Six Minutes to Surveillance

The American Civil Liberties Union is taking a lesson from the infamous Doomsday Clock (you know, the one that predicts global annihilation? Proving it’s not only Christians who can predict the arrival of the Rapture) with its new Surveillance Clock. Here it is: The clock is designed to show that we are currently six minutes […]

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News from the Green (weekly news and notes)

Greetings, this regular post is going to be my attempt to compile some of the shorter items that come across the Grasshopper’s desk each week, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Some may incite, and others may excite, but that’s the point, right? For now, I’m calling this feature “News from the Green,” but am open to […]

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What a Dame: Remembering Anita Roddick

The sad news of Anita Roddick’s death sent a global ripple through human rights activists, social entrepreneurs, and anyone else who tread the path blazed by Dame Anita. Called a true pioneer in her home country of England, she was nothing short of a whirlwind of inspiration to many who were touched by her business […]

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Just what is an environmentalist?

If I ever preached to the choir, this luncheon was it. The sixty people in the room were professed environmentalists, all of them on the advisory council of an earth center at a college that advertises itself, rightfully, as strongly committed to environmental responsibility. Seated to my right was a friendly but road-weary woman who […]

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