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July 2006

Men-on-a-mission reading list

They’re from a church in Virginia, working on hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Since they’re covering some of the same ground (literally) as Cholene, it’s not much of a surprise that they have nice things to say about Through the Eye of the Storm.

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7.20.06 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHELSEA GREEN PUBLISHING COMPANY is pleased to announce the launch of Sciencewriters Books, a new imprint to develop outstanding works of science for the general public. Sciencewriters Books will be codirected by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan, founders of Sciencewriters, an educational partnership devoted to advancing science through enchantment in the […]

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Michael Ratner: What the Supreme Court Ruling Does and Does Not Do

AlterNet Can We Force our Goverment to Respect Detainees Rights? By Michael Ratner, AlterNet Posted on July 12, 2006 The Supreme Court has now rejected the Bush Administration’s attempts to use sham trials against detainees at Guantanamo, finding such trials not only violate American law, but also the Geneva Conventions. The case of Hamdan […]

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Wilson: Day 9

Diane Wilson, author of An Unreasonable Woman is participating in the Troops Home Fast. She will be on an indefinite hunger strike until American troops are pulled out of Iraq. Thousands of people from around the world are participating in this rolling fast. Find out more at Here is her report from Day 9. […]

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Oil Consumption

So despite all the talk of higher prices, gasoline consumption in the U.S. seems to be pretty well unaffected overall. The blue represents weekly averages; red represents a moving 3-month average; black represents a 6th-order polynomial regression. I should probably go back to work.

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Back in the dismal news business

You thought I’d forgotten that we’re all doomed, eh? Well, newsflash! some of us are more doomed than others: Published on Thursday, July 13, 2006 by the Independent / UK Global Warming ‘Will Cancel out Western Aid and Devastate Africa’ by Andrew Grice Climate change could have a devastating impact on Africa, wiping out all […]

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The Other Peak Oil

I got a funny email from the SolarBus list serve, about “Peak Vegetable Oil.” The issue is that, in some parts of Vermont at least, there are enough people with vegetable oil conversions in their cars that they are starting to actively compete with one another for access to waste oil from restaurants. One of […]

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Apropos of nothing

Did I ever mention that the milk that falls into the deep crevasses of my little baby’s neck blubber smells like provolone after a couple days? How cool is that?!

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Sustainable Ag and you

The National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture is in the midst of an outreach campaign. Among other things, it won’t be long until the 2007 federal Ag bill comes under discussion, and the NCSA wants to be able to organize pressure on Congress for pro-sustainability stances. So give it a thought. They’ve sent out two Word […]

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In her own words

Diane Wilson on her ongoing fast.

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