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June 2006

Cranberries and Prom Committees

They’re all part of a tutorial on single-payer healthcare. I skipped my high school prom to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show (okay, so really I didn’t have a date and was too chicken to ask anyone out). Even so, I support single payer. I also like cranberry juice. That’s just the way I am.

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Our Lord and Treehugging Savior

SOJOURNERSmagazine Hearts & Minds An Evangelical Climate Change ‘I’m tired of those old white guys telling us what to think and do.’ by Jim Wallis For more than a decade, a series of environmental initiatives have been coming from an unexpected source—a new generation of young evangelical activists. Mostly under the public radar screen, there […]

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Fast reminder

Keep it in mind.

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Carbon in the Courts

Don’t hold your breath (though that would help reduce CO2 output)… Supreme Court to Hear Bush Environment Case Monday, June 26, 2006 (06-26) 11:54 PDT WASHINGTON, (AP) — The Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider whether the Bush administration must regulate carbon dioxide to combat global warming, setting up what could be one of the […]

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The Poetry of a Salt Marsh

For Immediate Release June 26, 2006 Sippewissett Or, Life on a Salt Marsh By Tim Traver Contact: Jessica Saturley, (802) 295-6300, ext. 106 Tim Traver’s remarkable book Sippewissett: Or, Life on a Salt Marsh (October 2006) melds together the poetry of our best travel writing with moving memoir and the hard science that has been […]

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(Not necessarily in that order)

Impeach, Convict, Arrest, & Imprison George W. Bush [The following op-ed appeared in an edited version as a letter to the editor in the June 25 edition of the Bakersfield Californian.] It’s imperative that we, the American people, stop George W. Bush from starting another war. This time he has his sights set on Iran […]

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Bush: Sly Dog-in-Chief

Bush Is Not Incompetent A BUZZFLASH GUEST CONTRIBUTION by George Lakoff, Marc Ettlinger and Sam Ferguson Progressives have fallen into a trap. Emboldened by President Bush’s plummeting approval ratings, progressives increasingly point to Bush’s “failures” and label him and his administration as incompetent. Self-satisfying as this criticism may be, it misses the bigger point. Bush’s […]

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DJ Sleeth

Rumor has it that Serve God, Save the Planet author J. Matthew Sleeth will be Kojo Nnamdi‘s guest tomorrow sometime between 1pm and 2pm, East Coast time. Yeah, boyeee.

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Wassup in energy this weak

The Progress Report’s review of the annals of Congressional (in)action on energy.

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