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March 2006

The cost of a gallon of gas

Gas Flames a Reminder for Nigeria’s Poor By EDWARD HARRIS The Associated Press Friday, March 17, 2006; 11:54 AM EABOCH, Nigeria — Sooty towers of flame spew into the air night and day as excess natural gas from the petroleum industry burns off, buffeting Nigerian villagers with jet-force heat and noise. For many living near […]

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Race to the bottom

Lots of people know that states frequently lavish tax breaks on companies to attract business, and end up without the necessary revenue to provide needed social services. Here’s a new form of the race to the bottom–a race to ensure that local communities are denied any voice in whether they are exposed to genetically modified […]

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Jerry Lewis-ocrats

Three Crazy Things Democratic Politicians Believe by Cenk Uygur over at Huffington Post. …The Republicans win elections by running to their base. Instead of taking that as a lesson to run to their own base, the Democrats instead learn the lesson that they should also run to the Republican base. Are we stuck in some […]

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My man McCain

It sucks to be suckered. Here I was secretly thinking, honestly (and this is embarrassing so don’t tell anyone), that it might be ok if McCain becomes president in ’08. You know, he doesn’t tow the line, he’s an independent thinker, blahbitty blah blah. Lately, though, Dems and progs have begun to lay the groundwork […]

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Green parties

Dante Chinni over at Huffington Post is advocating for a green theme to the upcoming Congressional elections. It’s an interesting idea: that because ‘The war over the environment ended long ago. Everyone is “pro-environment” now.’ He notes that even if it is true that in their private thinking, everyone is pro-environment, and there is wide […]

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Woman on the street review

Cathy Resmer, house blogger at 7Days, was in our offices a few days ago to write a regular print article on Chelsea Green (linked in the post below). Here’s her unsolicited review of Through the Eye of the Storm, which should be out in stores in May: “I snagged a review copy when I visited […]

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Little ole us?

Do the Write Thing: How a small, leftist publisher in Vermont is having a national impact

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Jumping off a moving bandwagon

Daily Kos is posting on the supposed fallout from Feingold’s censure resolution–supposed because the main media outlet stories on it slant the resolution like some kind of wild-eyed boondoggle for Democrats. The evidence that Democrats should be deathly afraid of a reactionary rally-round-the-crooked-Prez is, thus far, actually rather slim. The evidence that more Senators ought […]

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The price of free speech

New Fines for Indecency FCC Hits ‘Without a Trace,’ ‘Surreal Life,’ PBS Broadcast By Steven Levingston Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, March 16, 2006; Page D01 The Federal Communications Commission yesterday proposed nearly $4 million in fines for violating the agency’s indecency standards, targeting a range of TV programming from a hit CBS drama to […]

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Paving the road to future invasions

Never content with the successes of the past, Bush will recommit himself and the country to a policy of preemptive fuckups: Bush to Restate Terror Strategy: 2002 Doctrine of Preemptive War To Be Reaffirmed By Peter Baker Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, March 16, 2006; Page A01 President Bush plans to issue a new national […]

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