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March 2006

A Green Godzilla?

Here’s something I wasn’t expecting, though I probably should have–WalMart is starting to stock organic foods. Good? Bad? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be good for WalMart, and it is nice if a wider swath of the population can have access to organic foods, and yet… boy are there going to be […]

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Stirring the Cauldron…

One of the unexpected pleasures for me here at Chelsea Green has been discovering Jessica Prentice’s writing through her book that is now out. I can’t recommend it enough. I expected it not to be quite my style–too new agey to suit the crotchety old man personality that I’m trying to cultivate. But I was […]

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AWOL mea culpa

To all the trusty, loyal readers out there, my appologies for leaving you in the lurch. I was distracted by the birth of the newest little knee-high to a flaming grasshopper, Anya Rose. Global warming, shmobal shmorming, life is grand!

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Don’t trust what you see with your own eyes

Eyewitness testimony is increasingly recognized as terribly untrustworthy. Not because the witness is lying, but because many factors can influence how a person comes to decide what their memory is and how strongly they believe that their memory is good. Even after encountering incontrovertible proof that they were wrong about pointing out a suspect as […]

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Let Justice Eat Cake

It’s not the systematic overhaul that we really need, but it is something: US army dog handler found guilty of abuse.

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Bach’s Birthday

It’s today, 3/21. It’s his 321st birthday. My goodness, he hasn’t seemed to age a day in years; what is his secret? My bubs realized the very minor and insignificant coincidence on her own, then googled it and saw that others had also noticed. Some mention the possibility that numerology-minded people will have little adrenaline […]

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A penny saved is a penny matched by state funding

This is potentially promising… New Mexico Enacts Legislation to Encourage Working Families to Save Money. In addition to teaching financial literacy, maybe the state should encourage people to get rid of their TVs. Imagine that–a TV buyback program. Could lead to healthier citizens. Anyway, one step at a time.

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In for the long haul

Bush’s plan for Iraq: “the United States will never abandon Iraq.” Why not just add it on as the 51st state?

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Cool frogs; deadzone oceans

Science newsettes from the Washington Post: Chinese Torrent Frogs Share Bats’ Ultrasonic Capabilities Not only can a rare Chinese frog sing like a bird, it can also apparently hear like a bat, according to new research…. ***** Fishing Fleets Overexploiting Seas at High Rate, Study Warns Highly mobile fishing fleets are exploiting the sea’s resources […]

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The Horse in the House

© Davidson Loehr 2006 It happened in the summer of 1955, and was both logical and necessary. We lived in Colfax, Iowa, a town of about 1800, twenty miles east of Des Moines. Formerly located on Highway 6, the Interstate bypassed it when it went in in the early 1960s, kind of leaving it where […]

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