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November 2005

Slow Money

We talk a lot about Slow Food at Chelsea Green, and the general concensus seems to be that slower is better. So when Woody Tasch, CEO of Investor’s Circle and chairman of the Chelsea Green board, sat down for an interview on today’s Beyond Organic radio program and brought up “Slow Money,” we were interested. […]

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Green Business, Green Marketplace

At the recent Bioneers conference, Margo met the entrepreneurs behind Alonovo, a new online shopping center for green living–billed as “the Intelligent Marketplace.” This morning I read that Consumer Reports has lauched its own green marketplace, Just in time for Coop America’s Green Business Conference (where, by the way, John Abrams will be giving […]

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Below is a piece by Aldo Vidali, the director who is doing a film based on the ideas in George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant. The Fellini-style film now in production—DEFLATING THE ELEPHANT: The Art and Science of Framing—will show people how to deflate rogue elephants. In this post Vidali deflates a few of […]

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Embracing Dissent

Our intrepid web developers are involved in some amazing new projects. Check out their new blog, Embracing Dissent: Social Change and Technology. The Eggplant Active Media workers’ collective was also recently featured on San Francisco-based Enemy Combatant Radio, on their biweekly show called In the Meantime. The show was an hour-long interview, focusing on cooperatives […]

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EPA Proposes Reducing Information on Toxics Release

“The EPA has proposed significant reductions in the amount of information that will be collected and made available under the Toxic Release Inventory.” According to a release posted by the Right To Know Network, the propsal includes: Eliminating every other year of TRI data by switching from annual reporting to biennial; Allowing companies to pollute […]

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Deep Cover

Diane Wilson dressed up as Chelsea Green publicity director Alice Blackmer last night for Halloween. Alice dressed as Diane. Who’s the real Diane Wilson? They’ll never tell!

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Ripping Up Aspahlt and Planting Gardens

In a recent article in Raising the Hammer, Derrick Jensen explained why he doesn’t see declining oil extraction as a problem. “I see it as a wonderful and necessary thing I wish would have happened a long time ago…”

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