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June 2005

A Liquified Natural Gas Terminal Near You!

There is a phenomenon I call “civic Novocain.” I experience this numbing when faced with local newspaper articles about the raging internal debate over my town’s purchase of the hydroelectric dam. I want to know about it, and certainly I should be conversant in the details, but the most I’ve gleaned is that there is […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican

My father once told me of a college teacher of his (in the Post World War II era) who shocked his new students with his startling pronouncement about Communism. “Communism,” he’d say to the initial horror of his students, “isn’t such a bad idea. It just doesn’t work.” What he meant by that, of course, […]

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Evergreen Commencement

This afternoon Chelsea Green author Derrick Jensen will give the commencement address at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. If you’ve never heard Derrick before, check out today’s talk, which is streaming live from the Evergreen site starting at 1pm PST. While I’m not sure what Derrick plans to talk about specifically, I’m pretty certain […]

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The Foreign Language of Choice

George Lakoff’s latest piece “The Foreign Language of Choice” appeared on Alternet today. In it he addresses the debate over unwanted pregnancies in our country and the various ways frames are used to distort the truth. He offers a very helpful set of frames that give voice the progressive moral position of valuing life. The […]

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