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April 2005

The Enduring Horrors of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, etc.

Admit it: They seemed just a little subhuman, didn’t they — lying naked in a pile, as a grinning American soldier loomed overhead?

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Christianity and Protecting the Earth Do Go Hand-in-Hand

This fall Chelsea Green will introduce a new line of books focusing on religion. As religion plays an increasingly central role in our political and environmental landscape, we feel it is important to take a deeper look at this religiosity and examine the motivations of those who embrace its fundamentalist wing. One of our new […]

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“Peak Oil”: A Disturbing Peek Into the Future

What does the phrase “Swiss financiers” conjure up: wide-eyed radicals with their heads in the clouds, or steely-eyed realists for whom accurate information is the coin of the realm?

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Arbor Day Ardor: One Acorn at a Time

You’re a certified, granola-crunching tree-hugger. Friday, April 29 is Arbor Day. You know what to do: Plant a few huggables. Do your part. Make the place prettier, pump up that carbon cycle. You’ll feel good about yourself, and you should.

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The Nuclear Option: A Conspiracy Against Us All

Lord Halifax once wrote that “The best political party is but a kind of conspiracy against the rest of the nation.” Today, the Republican Party’s conspiracy is running full throttle, usurping hard-won liberties and vital protections that all Americans hold dear. Their strategy is simple and powerful and two-fold: weaken or do away with laws […]

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The Good, The Bad and the Bugly

It’s out there somewhere with my name on it, cavorting in a vernal pool: the larva of the first mosquito that will bite me this year.

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Lock and Load: Books Provide Ordnance for Earth Day Salvo

I was striding through a subway tunnel somewhere under deepest Manhattan in early 1970 when I first encountered the term. A poster was mounted on the corridor wall — bearing, if memory serves, one of those riveting Apollo photographs of the Big Blue Marble and the words “Earth Day, April 22.” My response was concise […]

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Portrait of the Flack as a Middle-Aged Man

I stumbled into journalism more or less by accident, in what was supposed to be a brief diversion from writing the Great American Novel. Twenty-five years went by. I won’t say some good stuff didn’t happen, but I sure hadn’t realized that quarters of centuries could move so fast.

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Legislative and Executive Branches Run Amok

Tom Delay wants to revamp the courts and hold judges accountable for not bowing to the political needs of the legislature. President Bush is asserting his executive authority to detain Muslims indefinitely without charges and without representation. It is time for the judicial branch to step up and defend us before Congress and the Bush […]

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