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Summer Savings: Time is running out!

Posted By admin On August 28, 2013 @ 8:00 am In Chelsea Green News | Comments Disabled

Don’t forget to soak up the savings as you soak in the last of the summer sun. There are just a few days left to save big—up to 90% off—on select Chelsea Green books during our end of summer sale.

We’re clearing out the warehouse to make room for our forthcoming fall titles, so take advantage of some great bargains. Here’s how it works:

All of our Forthcoming, New & Bestselling titles are 25% off with the discount code SUMMER at checkout.

Then, we have some amazing WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE DEALS on select titles:

  • Deep discounts at 50% Off
  • Deeper discounts at 75% Off
  • Deepest discounts at 90% Off

As always, we offer FREE shipping on orders of more than $100.

 Happy reading from your budget-conscious friends at Chelsea Green Publishing. 

 Discount codes do not combine with other offers—our books already on sale for example.
Free shipping for orders $100 or more is applied after the discount is applied (U.S. Orders Only)
Sale runs through Labor Day (Monday September 2nd).



Deep Discounts: 50% off Books

Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties Cover [1]

Retail: $29.95
Sale: $14.98

The Case Against Fluoride Cover [2]

Retail: $24.95
Sale: $12.48

The Grafter's Handbook Cover [3]

Retail: $40.00
Sale: $20.00

Perennial Vegetables Cover [4]

Retail: $35.00
Sale: $17.50

The Apple Grower Cover [5]

Retail: $40.00
Sale: $20.00

The Herbalist's Way Cover [6]

Retail: $30.00
Sale: $15.00

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm Cover [7]

Retail: $34.95
Sale: $17.48

A Handmade Life Cover [8]

Retail: $25.00
Sale: $12.50

Deeper Discounts: 75% off Books

Home Baked Cover [9]

Retail: $39.95
Sale: $9.99

Not in His Image Cover [10]

Retail: $24.95
Sale: $6.24

Chanterelle Dreams Cover [11]

Retail: $17.95
Sale: $4.49

Organic Seed Production and Saving Cover [12]

Retail: $12.95
Sale: $3.24

Alone and Invisible No More Cover [13]

Retail: $17.95
Sale: $4.49

The Color of Atmosphere Cover [14]

Retail: $17.95
Sale: $4.49

The Sauna Cover [15]

Retail: $30.00
Sale: $7.50

Cheese and Culture Cover [16]

Retail: $24.95
Sale: $6.24

Deepest Discounts: 90% off Books

Mind, Life, and Universe Cover

Retail: $24.95
Sale: $2.50

The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor Cover

Retail: $40.00
Sale: $4.00

Wild Law Cover

Retail: $19.95
Sale: $2.00

The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese Cover [17]

Retail: $35.00
Sale: $3.50

All Books 25% off with discount code SUMMER

The Resilient Farm and Homestead Cover [18]

Retail: $40.00
Sale: $30.00

Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land Cover [19]

Retail: $29.95
Sale: $22.47

Paradise Lot Cover [20]

Retail: $19.95
Sale: $14.96

The Organic Grain Grower Cover [21]

Retail: $45.00
Sale: $33.75

Discount codes do not combine with other offers—our books

already on sale for example. Free shipping for orders $100 or

more is applied after the discount is applied. (U.S. Orders only)


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