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Winter Farming Conference Season Begins This Weekend in Massachusetts!

One of the great things about a northeastern winter is the strong sense of community the harsh weather can inspire. A great way to feel that collective joy is to check out your local organic farming organization, and visit their winter conference!

You’ll get to hang out with small-farmers — a fun and down-to-earth crowd, sample delicious local foods, attend workshops by renowned experts, learn a thing or two to improve your farm, garden, or homestead, and browse a selection of Chelsea Green favorites at the bookstore table!

Many of our authors are attending winter conferences, from Vermont to Pennsylvania and as far west as Ohio. Here’s the current list of who will be where and when.

NOFA Massachusetts – January 14 [1]
Didi Emmons [2] Greg Marley [3]
NOFA New York – January 20-22 [4]
Michael Phillips [5] Didi Emmons [2]
NOFA New Jersey –  January 28-29 [6]
Shannon Hayes [7] Harvey Ussery [8]
PASA Farming for the Future Conference  – February 1-4 [9]
Dave Jacke [10] Michael Phillips [5]
NOFA Vermont –  February 10-12 [11]
Ross Conrad [12] Greg Marley [3] Didi Emmons [2] Grace Gershuny [13] Richard Wiswall [14] Sarah Flack [15]
Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association 33rd Annual Conference – February 18-19 [16]
Gene Logsdon [17] Woody Tasch [18]
Connecticut NOFA – March 3 [19]
Jeffrey Smith [20]
NOFA New Hampshire –  March 3 [21]
Didi Emmons [2] Grace Gershuny [13] Greg Marley [3] Michael Phillips [5]
Photo: Billy Webb [22]