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WATCH: Addressing the Injustice of Global Food Distribution: A Primer

This charming cartoon from Denis van Waerebeke breaks down the problem of global food distribution imbalances in easy-to-understand terms with a pleasing design and a Douglas Adams-tinged voiceover.

To boil it down, the food choices you as an individual make have a real impact on the health and economic situation of people halfway around the world. The first step to fixing the problem is to look at what’s on your plate and make responsible and informed choices.

From Denis van Waerebeke [1] on Vimeo [2], via Planet Green [3]:

This basic (okay, very basic) video by Denis Van Waerebeke [1] is as good a way as any to begin a dialogue. Encompassing everything from why farmers in poor parts of the world often go hungry [4] to how giving up steak can be a small step towards correcting the unbalanced worldwide food market, the video serves as a sort of “Story of Stuff” for global food distribution.

How to feed the world ? [5] from Denis van Waerebeke [1] on Vimeo [2].

Read the whole article here. [3]

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