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Now Available: When Disaster Strikes!

Would you be ready if a tropical storm flooded your town?  Don’t say it couldn’t happen, even bucolic, boreal Vermont experienced such a disaster [1] this fall! What about an earthquake, or terrorist attack, or wild fire? It’s tempting to ignore the possibility, but if you do you could end up one of the zombie-like victims you see on the news after major catastrophes, wandering aimless and thirsty through broken streets with frowny faces*.

There’s no reason to worry, but there is ample reason to get ready, and that is why we’re happy to announce that Mat Stein’s latest book, When Disaster Strikes [2], is now available to help you out!

Smaller than his encyclopedic first book, When Technology Fails [3], When Disaster Strikes [4] is perfect to stow in your ready-kit, along with your hand crank radio, flashlight, and water filter. Inside, you’ll find tips on how to prepare for many different sorts of sudden disaster, each with its own hazards and challenges.

This book could save your life.

Here to explain more is Mat Stein himself, in a recent appearance on the Sacramento & Company [5] show:

Get your copy of When Disaster Strikes [4] today!

*I’m paraphrasing Mat Stein in the video here, just in case you were wondering.