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The following video [1] came to us yesterday, by way of Chelsea Green editor-at-large Jennifer Nix. Nix created the short video with David Olson, a producer with Speakeasy Productions. You will need Quicktime to view it.

Dear Citizen,

In the wake of Scooter Libby’s arraignment, the nation’s attention is finally returning to the dubious “marketing” of the War in Iraq, and to mainstream media’s failure to expose the false claims that led America to war. Can we rely on mainstream media this time around, or will they once again let us down?

-New York Times reporter Judith Miller’s unsubstantiated reporting of WMDs in Iraq

-Fox News’ relentless repetition of false Bush Administration claims about Saddam Hussein being linked to Al-Qaeda

-Mainstream media’s lack of skepticism about the military-embedded journalism program

These are just three of the more egregious examples of their poor performance.

Setting aside too few exceptions from corporate media, it has been independent media providing the necessary investigations and reportage—and variety of viewpoints—about Bush Administration claims. Often operating on shoe-string budgets, independent media have offered the healthy skepticism that democracy demands. But with corporate media’s stranglehold on distribution, too few Americans see independent media’s contributions.

We invite you to watch this short video [1] and to share it with other concerned citizens. (You will need Quicktime.)

This video is free to post on blogs and web sites. Please also forward the URL via email, so word about independent media’s important coverage of the war—and backroom shenanigans in D.C.—can reach more Americans. No individual or organization asked or paid to be part of this missive, and this project was created on volunteer time.

It is time for all of us to help independent media tell the truth about the war to more Americans. Independent, corporate-free journalism deserves our support.

Thanks very much for your time…and pass it on!

David Olson
Producer, Speakeasy Productions ([email protected])

Jennifer Nix
Editor, Chelsea Green Publishing ([email protected])

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Please add your own favorites to this list before passing it on. Let’s work together to build a bigger audience for independent media!

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