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Chelsea Green to Revolutionize Industry with Edible Books

Move over Gutenberg: In advance of Earth Day 2015, environmental publishing leader Chelsea Green Publishing is announcing the introduction of an entirely new type of book – the completely biodegradable, and in certain instances edible, book. While some publishers tout the recycled content of their papers, or use of soy-based inks, Chelsea Green, which turned […]

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March Roundup: News, Views & Stuff You Can Use

Check out the latest news and opinions from Chelsea Green and our authors, as well as tips and techniques about how you can bring our books to life in your kitchen, backyard, or community. Don’t miss the special sales and new releases! Building a Sustainable Community: The D Acres Model   If you were going […]

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Last Chance: Farm and Garden Sale

This is it. Your last chance to soak up the savings with our Farm and Garden Sale – but hurry it’ll be gone soon! Whether you are planting or planning your garden, homestead or backyard paradise —or want to nurture a budding garden obsession—we’ve got a book for you! 30% Off ALL Farm & Garden […]

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Manage Your Chicken Manure: The Joys of Deep Litter

Ever heard the phrase, “always follow your nose?” As it turns out, this is a good rule of thumb when it comes to chicken manure—but what is it that your nose is telling you, exactly? In his book, The Small-Scale Poultry Flock, chicken expert Harvey Ussery gives us the low-down on not just what that classic […]

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Perennial Gardening: Grow More Food with Less Work!

Congratulations, you survived another long winter! It is officially spring and time to dig in. If you’re looking for some new crops to liven up your garden and your palate, give perennials a chance. Perennial vegetables are a food gardener’s dream. Plant them once, treat them well, and they’ll keep feeding you year after year. […]

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Building a Sustainable Community: The D Acres Model

If you were going to create a community-based homestead or farm from scratch, where would you start? What building materials would you use? What crops would you grow and what animals would you raise? How would you develop an organizational structure and connect with your community? And, how would you make sure all of this […]

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We’re Hiring! Join the Team as Our Next Editorial Intern

For 30 years, Chelsea Green has been the go-to publisher for people seeking foundational books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, including organic gardening and agriculture, renewable energy, green building, eco-cuisine, and ethical business. In 2012, we decided to practice what we publish and became employee-owned. We are a founding member of the […]

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You’ve Got Mail. And it’s Chicks!

There’s nothing quite like having a box of cute, fluffy chicks arrive in the mail. It’s miraculous, notes author and homesteader Ben Hewitt, that a newly hatched chick can survive without food and water for exactly the amount of time it takes to mail a package from anywhere in the United States to anywhere else […]

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Here comes Spring: Get Your Garden Started!

Spring has sprung! Okay, not quite yet but we’ve come a long way from winter wind chills. We’re itching to grab some pruners and get outdoors. We bet you are too! Whether you are planting or planning your garden, homestead or backyard paradise we’re here to help you get an early start with our gardening […]

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Get More from Your Mission: The Social Profit Handbook

For-profit institutions measure their success primarily by monetary gains. But nonprofit institutions are different; they aim for social profit, or improving the well-being of people, place, and planet. The Social Profit Handbook draws from author David Grant’s decades of leadership in the education, foundation, and nonprofit worlds, and provides  leaders of social profit institutions with […]

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