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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Rory McMullan

Rory McMullan

Rory McMullan has worked in marketing for the cycling industry for many years and is currently Marketing Manager for the Association for Commuter Transport. He commutes to work on his bike from his home in Wandsworth, London.

    Rory's Books

    The Chelsea Green Guides--6 Pack Set

    Easy to use guides that have the answers to all your recycling, water use, energy, and composting questions. Packed with practical ideas for your home and garden. Use their A-Z listings and simple tips to do your bit for the planet.

    Biking to Work

    A complete guide for making biking to work a safe reality for the beginning bike commuter. For those who live within biking distance to work, this book offers simple safety, bike-buying, gear-buying, and basic maintenance tips, as well as ways to best plan your route to and from the office. By biking to work, you can improve your physical and mental health, save money, avoid creating pollution, and contribute to friendlier cities. In the face of rush-hour traffic, biking is often faster than driving, too!


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