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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Diana Schumacher

Diana Schumacher

Diana Schumacher, OBE, has worked for the British Council and subsequently for the University of Chicago's Department of Business Studies. Her deep commitment is to nonviolence and to exploring the interrelationships between education, economics, and the environment and their interaction with social justice and people's well-being. Diana has served on the executive councils of numerous educational and environmental charities, including the Environmental Action Group for Europe (ECOROPA); the Parliamentary Alternative Energy Group (PRASEG); the Other Economic Summit (TOES); the New Economics Foundation (NEF); the Green Alliance; the Schumacher Society; the Gandhi Foundation; and the India Development Group. In 1991 she cofounded the Environmental Law Foundation of which she was vice chair until 1999 and with which she is still very active as a trustee and currently as vice president.

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